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30 March 2021

Everything Started as Nothing by Bhaskar Majumdar- Anuradha Goyal

Bhaskar Majumdar in his book Everything Started as Nothing: How to Win the Start-up Battle....

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24 March 2021


If you wish to establish your own startup, this book is perfect for you. It teaches us how to plan, build, sustain and grow a start-up....

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22 March 2021

EVERYTHING STARTED AS NOTHING: How to Win the Start-up Battle- Writing Geeks

Early stage investor Bhaskar Majumdar reveals why it is critical for entrepreneurs to have an ‘everything started as nothing’....

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15 March 2021

Book Excerpt: ‘Everything Started As Nothing’ By Bhaskar Majumdar- OUTLOOK INDIA

It was in mid-2019 that I finally managed to get to speak to Abhishek Negi, who recently founded Eggoz....

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